Wednesday, February 29

Fig Jam

On a walk with the dog the other morning Tim found a fig tree leaning over the side of the road laden with fruit. I joined him on the dog walk this morning with stealthy plastic bags in pocket to pick as much as we could carry - 3kilos it turns out. The property which the tree is growing out of is owned by an older lady, who clearly is never going to pick them, and we figure we will give her some jam in repayment...
The jam is on the stove right now filling the house with the most incredible smell and I'm so excited for my first proper bit of country cooking. (That said, I have been making home made lemonade since getting here.)
I thought good old Stephanie Alexander would help me out with a jam recipe, but alas no. So I turned to good old taste instead and used this one. I've doubled it, using 2 kilos of figs, and 1kilo of sugar, 2 lemons plus rind and a cinnamon stick. The other kilo is going to be eaten fresh, made into desserts and salads over the next couple of days and perhaps dried too.
The amazing news is there are heaps more figs to come on the tree so we will be going back every couple of days to collect some more. Lola is going to get very sick of that walking route I think!
Check out my kitchen assistant... so helpful.


  1. Oh YUM!! how awesome that you have access to that tree. I am sure the lady would love a jar of jam, she probably used to make it herself. I hate seeing fruit go to waste. Your helper looks very enthused he he :)

  2. oh my! fig jam is a bit of an all time fave of mine. that big pot of figs looks amazing. happy country living.

  3. I love the look of fresh figs and am dying to try them. The jam sounds delish!!

  4. At a restaurant recently Matt had an entree of figs stuffed with gorgonzola, ricotta and pistachio nuts. They'd been stuffed by cutting a criss-cross at the top and they'd been wrapped in prosciutto, which held the fig together. They looked AMAZING but I couldn't eat them as I can't eat cheese. You could omit the meat and use kitchen twine to tie them and I think the addition of a salty fetta would be nice.

    ps Your gorgeous posts make me want to move to the country and have a neighbour with a fig tree!

    1. I am so making this on the weekend (sans meat of course!) Thanks Ange! xsx

  5. Yum!! I'm so jealous of you with all those delicious figs ... I bet the jam turns out to be amazing!! I love your kitchen helper ... I have one like that too! ;)

    1. The kitchen helper is an excellent and hilarious distraction! "mixed breeds" are the best huh?! *s*

  6. gorgeous dog! my ridgeback cross staffy has a similar shaped head. lol.

    sorry for being random. I met your husband at hope street ages ago and found your blog through him.


    1. Hi Genna! Now worries, welcome! I think she does have a bit of staffy in her, maybe german shephard, lab, staffie?

  7. Wow great job with the figs - how did it turn out? Are you flooded out in wagga too?


    1. oh yes its a little bit floody! but not too bad. Just a very very soggy front lawn and path... the council are currently building up the levee bank across the end of our street.. not sure whether to find that reassuring or disturbing! *s*

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