Saturday, March 3

Things to Be Thankful for*

* Free figs and jam, pictures above!
* All this rain, it's a little bit floody in the front garden, but our house is dry and it sounds marvelous on the tin roof.
* I've started my job teaching at the uni again. I have a big class, but it's okay. It's going a-ok.
* We made 2 new friends at the welcome to Wagga event! Hooray! Friends!
* Strepsils, tissues, honey and cough syrup. I've been batteling a cold turned cough all this week. le sigh.
* You sweet people! How nice to have so many of you here, saying lovely things and filling me with a sense of being!
* Bicycles. Having gone through enough car dramas these last few weeks to last me quite a while thankyouverymuch I will never complain about getting a flat tyre again!
* We do have our car back now.
* Marvelous autumn pumpkin.
* The SES. Hopefully we won't have to see them too much over the next couple of days...

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  1. Oh yes the rain on the roof is one of my favourite sounds. But we have had too much too quickly in our parts, and more expected today.

  2. Yum figs! I love figs ... they don't do so well in Queensland though so it's hard to find overhanging trees to pinch them from.

  3. Oh figs - love em! i have a huge tree in the backyard and just made the most delightful turkish yoghurt fig the look of your fig jam. hope your having a lovely (if wet) weekend xx

  4. Happy Friday to you!
    Wondering what you teach at uni? :)
    Ronnie xo

  5. Yay the fig jam turned out! Woohooo!


  6. I'm roasting up some pumpkins as I write this. Pumpkin soup, here we come! I was inspired by the torrential rain yesterday, but today it's definitely salad, not soup weather. No matter.



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