Friday, January 20

Dear 8 years in Surry Hills,

I will miss you:
* Dasher the Wonderdog
* St Minas fruit and Veg
* Yullis (lets try somewhere different for a drink... naaahhhh)
* Coffee coffee coffee
* The Hipsters
* The laneways to explore
* Bumping into people on the street
* Feeling like I live in the centre of the World
* The bike lanes
* Cat Alley
* Bakers Bun Yes (screw you Bourke St Bakery!)

I won't miss you:
* The crazy loud neighbours
* People pouring out of The Clock at midnight every night
* The expensiveness
* The Hipsters
* The buses
* Renting
* Never feeling cool enough
* People Puking/pissing/defecating (no I'm not even joking or nuthin') on our back steps...

I can't actually believe its our last day being Sydney-siders. Wow. Just. holy fricken wow. Tim and I have been counting down for a while now, and the eyes... the look of "" really lets us know that we're both feeling the same way.



  1. Yikesamama! Times with you and Tim were a lovely highlight of my 3 years in Surry Hills. Such an amazing place to live, even with all its "quirks". I hope you find magic nooks, and friendly dogs, and great coffee in your new digs.

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  3. It was amazing but its time for a new adventure and i just know your going to have a wild one.. :) ox

  4. How exciting! You know the thing I DIDN'T miss the most? It was the defecating. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about...we had it in Darlo, Newtown and Camperdown. Onward!


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