Wednesday, December 7


I recently met someone with no scars. Like none. At the grand old age of 26 I possibly have a few more than my share but most people have one or two at least right?
Scar 1: Is on my forehead from when I fell over when I was very little.
Scar 2: Is most definitely the most noticeable, being along my neck, in a 'someone-cut-my-throat' kind of way, which actually, they did, but they where a doctor, so that's alright. I had a cyst on my thyroid gland... I had a swollen neck for a good 6 months after that and my 15 year old confidence (HA) was boosted no end by random strangers in the street asking "what had happened because it looks like I tried to hang myself hahaha" funny? Mmmmnotsomuch. (That really did happen. I got over it.)
Scar 3: Is actually 3 scars all from my recent bicycle accident, down my elbow, a hole in my hip and a hole in my thigh.
Scar 4: Is a rather large indentation down my right shin. I dropped a piece of masonite, that stuff is freakin heavy and it scrapped down my shin. Gross. I know. Sorry about that.
Scar 5: Very faint white scar down my stomach on the right hand side where our cat scratched me as a kid.
Scar 6: Hmmm... multiple little scars, a hole in my upper arm from that stupid BCG injection they make you have in England, another hole in my arm from where a friend accidentally stabbed me with a pen, a line on the bottom of my foot from having a verucca removed (gross, but got me out of PE for a few weeks!), another in my thigh that I have no idea where it came from, and one between my fingers from a blackberry thorn.


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  1. I have one from when I was a toddler...I broke a cup and then tried to pick up the pieces and cut my wrist quite badly in my. My dad tied a tourniquet around my wrist and dashed to the surgery where the Dr. stitched it up.

    I'm always a bit wary of people noticing it incase they think I'm a mad woman whose tried to cut her wrist...

    I also have tons on my knees because I was always falling over! My father used to say that I had knees like a rugby player...

    I have a couple of operation scars too...thankfully one was from when my gorgeous daughter was born...but that's a long time ago now...


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