Friday, December 2

Things to be thankful for*

* The smile I exchanged with a stranger on a bicycle as we passed each other.
* Music, bands and music festivals.
* The majority of the Christmas shopping is done.
* Family holidays coming up.
* Finding things that work in the street.
* Bloggers. Those people I don't know but I feel like I do. Thank you.
* White chocolate caramel slice. mhmm.
* The privileged of getting to show people the (our) real Sydney.
* Our amazing amazing house in the middle of the city with a garden and beautiful people to share it with.
* Waterfalls.

{Images of Thursdays trip to the Royal National Park. Yes you can swim. Yes it's amazing. Yes it's 40mins from the centre of Sydney by train. What do you mean you haven't been yet?!}


  1. Visiting from maxabella - love your list and am shocked I have yet to see a white chocolate caramel slice!

  2. Oh believe me. It is all that and more! Thanks for stopping by *s*

  3. Lovely things to be grateful for and what beautiful shots.

  4. The shot with the sunlight coming over the waterfall is just beautiful.

    I can't believe you've already done most of your Chrissy shopping. Well done!! x

  5. That looks like a lovely place to visit - love the last photo with the sunflare over the water. Gorgeous.

  6. Today I am thankful for paracetamol. Too much red wine last night and whole day of teaching drums today.. ouch..

    I'd quite like to go to the place with the pretty waterfalls instead :-D

  7. love love love! christmas time brings a lot to be thankful for (and a few things not to be... like no parking and crazy crowds - haha!)! a good reminder to focus on the positive :)

    kel x

  8. I love that thing when you smile at someone and they beam back at you as though you've just given them a big gift...


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