Wednesday, December 7

Brown paper packages...

...Tied up with... well anything! I love me some brown paper. It's cheap - don't get fooled into buying it from a fancy paper shop (maybe that only happens in my suburb?) - get it from officeworks or some other mega stationary store then do with it what you will...
* Just add confetti.
* Or add string and a tag..
* Make it lacy.
* Draw on it. (This would be amazing in a neon pen too!)
* Stick a letter on it.
* Stick a doily on it!
... and obviously there's always ribbon.
Annnd more idea's than you can poke a stick at here...

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  1. oh next Xmas I am defintely wrapping in brown paper! So much inspiration here and from my other bloggie friends (One Claire Day, Dear Olive, etc.). Simple & home mamde is best!


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