Monday, December 12

Position wanted: Full time present wrapper.

I think possibly my favorite part of Christmas is wrapping presents. I've daydreamed about just wrapping presents as a job. Oh man. Does anyone need me to do there wrapping for them? I'll take payment in the form of mince pies or one or two of these cushions... 
P.S. This is last years wrapping efforts that I never got around to posting... Home made potato print stars, and book present toppers (what are they called?)


  1. For a minute there reading your headline, I thought you were trying to outsource the gift wrapping and I was going to say 'but that's my favourite bit'! Snap! x

  2. woohoo, that's my favorite bit to! You can get hired at big chain stores to be a giftwrapper for the holiday season! I was very tempted to apply!

  3. Ooh love the ribbon made from the written word...awesome...


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