Tuesday, September 6

Wisdom, Insight, Feelings...

 Does anyone scrapbook? And would anyone be interested in digital scrap booking? I've been offered to do a promotion on this blog and I'm not quite sure what to think. I personally don't scrapbook and can't imagine myself spending time digitally scrap booking. Heaven knows I spend too much time on the computer as it is... But if I have readers that are keen...

It's funny, I was so stoked to reach 100 followers because, way back when, I remember reaching 20 and being completely over the moon and husbando telling me... "ohhh when you reach 100 you should monetise your blog" and I was like: "Ha! Yeah right" but also "Yes!!".

I'd like to say it was never my aim to have lots of readers, but it's simply not true. It's nice to feel liked and appreciated. And now, 2 years later, here I am and I'm nervous about this offer. (I kinda feel okay writing this because I doubt they've actually read my blog. If they had they would know I don't scrapbook!)

What do you think? I know lots of bloggers like to be ad free and that's cool, I read blogs with ad's and promotions and enter giveaways for such things... and I read blogs that don't too. I just don't feel like this blog is particularly focused enough on any one thing. I'm not a mummy blogger (though I read heaps of them), I'm not a craft or sewing blogger (though I do craft from time to time), I'm not a food blogger (but I love to cook). I just errr... blog. And that's okay. Sometimes I don't feel like blogging so I write short posts. Sometimes I share a lot. It's all okay. You're all here. And no matter what husbando and my mum will read along. (Thanks guys!)

Beth wrote an interesting post about this a while ago when she got sent a whole heap of toys for her kids to review and perhaps maybe she would blog about it. I felt what she describes - "Whoppee!  A company wants to use my blog because I speak to The People!" And then for me "Um... actually I probably just passed some statistic test and they send out 500 of these emails every day...annnnnd I don't scrap book..."

What do you think bloggy friends?? Wisdom, Insight, Feelings? My Facebook followers have said that if the business fits then the business can buy me chocolate (money buys chocolate) butI'm honestly not very sure if this business fits. Scrap booking anyone?



  1. It's a tough one.

    First, congrats on getting the offer! Even if it is just based on some statistical test, it's still exciting that your statistics have been calculated and found to measure up - that's awesome.

    Secondly, I hate online ads. Yet, I'm conflicted by the thought that you absolutely deserve to be compensated for producing a great blog. I think sponsored posts or product reviews tend to look like selling-out and lead to a loss of trust in even the non-sponsored posts. How do we know what you're real opinions are once sponsors are giving you products or money to provide them?

    A couple of alternate techniques I've seen others take are:

    1. Donations/wishlist - rather than advertise, let your readers put a couple of dollars into your PayPal account or something, or set-up an Amazon wishlist so visitors can contribute by buying cool stuff (books!) that you covet. I'm not sure if this works as a monetisation strategy, but it might be worth a shot?
    I've donated to several bloggers this way.

    2. Shine Little Light merchandise - maybe a cool t-shirt or other merchandise could be a way of getting some moolah, and getting the blog url out there even more, plus the readers get to own a little something funky.
    I know merch' (like the gear from CafePress) can be just as tasteless (or even worse than) advertising, but maybe you could instead do it as part of your Creative Space posts - and sell limited editions of your handmade goodies via Etsy or something?
    I've got six shirts and two mugs from one particular blogger I love.

    3. Targeted ad networks - there's a few networks that will only let you include their ad and no other advertising is allowed on the page. In return, they guarantee to provide a small non-animated, high-quality, tasteful ad tailored to your demographic. For nerd blogs, there's The Deck for example, and for creative blogs there's Fusion Ads... I'm sure there must be heaps more.

    Just please promise we'll never see "1 Tip to a Flat Belly" or pop-up ads, and I'll be happy. ;-)

  2. not a scrapbooker, especially not an online one. but still a mega fan of shinelittlelight. i don't mind ads on blogs, i think the "if it fits" approach is good.

  3. This is my first time visiting your blog so I hope my comment is not out of place. I think it's important to do what's right for you. What feels right. I currently don't do any advertising or promotions but I do sell my photography as cards in an online shop that is attached to my blog. (But I think I need to market myself more rather than less but I get a bit shy about it). If the right advertiser came along that I truly believed in I would consider it. I personally don't follow advertising on blog sidebars unless I am specifically seeking something. However, if you do promote things in blog posts, to me, the most important thing is to clearly declare that you have been sponsored/paid/gifted/asked to do the promotion. I love that you've been so open about your thoughts here in this post and I have respect for you for doing that. Now it's time for me to look around here a little more! Have a lovely day!


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