Wednesday, September 7

I wish I was related to...

Not that my family isn't 120% awesome. Just that there are some people I would love to hang out with in a family setting. John Cleese would be great at Christmas lunch. I have a feeling Maggie Smith would be wickedly lovely to have over for tea, Jonathan from Media Watch,  Anton from SBS news... These are people that I wish I was related to. Who would you love to just be able to hang out with in a relaxed setting?

Maggie Smith
John Cleese


  1. Well several people in England refer to my Dad as John Cleese (I think they mean in looks) - so you're almost related to one of them lol!

  2. Ooh and I reckon it would be lovely to hang out with Dame Judi Dench, Helen Mirren or C.S.Lewis :)

  3. Orright, you arsked for it.

    Tony Robinson aka Baldrick from Black Adder,
    Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Jarred Diamond (author of Gun's, Germs and Steel) and Tina Fey and the Two Fat Ladies :)

    Now THAT would be a Christmas dinner to remember.


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