Thursday, September 8

My creative space...

Is it cheating if its over 15 years old? Our dear family friend (and awesome artist), Jules scanned this in to her computer and sent it to me the other day! She had kept it all these years because clearly even at the age of 10 I was completely adorable! Ha! Have to confess my drawing skills havn't improved much since then... Though I am now quite good at drawing feet... yup, there's a Random Fact of the Day about me for you. You are SO welcome.

More creative spaces over here...


  1. What a treasure!
    How wonderful to have this returned to you after all these years - you are obviously very important to Jules for her to have saved your work for all this time.

    Happy day Lovely,
    xx Felicity

  2. That's awesome! When I was in the 5th grade we moved across the other side of the country, and my best friend and I wrote letters almost every week (in fact we still do). On her 21st I gave her a book of all her letters to me.

  3. That is adorable - how lovely that your friends still had it and thought to send you a copy!

  4. Very sweet, love Julie's boobies!! Too funny.

  5. I love little treasures like this...I have kept many that my children have done over the years, I only hope that they appreciate them when they are older.


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