Saturday, September 10

Things to be thankful for*

* Safe travels, loooong but safe.
* How vegetarians get their food first on airplanes (haha)
* How smells stay the same across the years. The london underground smell, my grandparents house...
* My grandparents. so. flippin. awesome.
* The stories my grandparents have.
* My grandparents garden. Simply glorious.
* Old stuff. Nice one England.
* Gran's lemonade, soup and fruit cake.
* Tad's eyebrows, enthusiasm for technology and for always having ice-cream to hand.
* The 30 years today of my husbands life. Thanks parents in law for that!

More thankfulness over here this week...


  1. beautiful nature photos. And happy birthday to your husband, Natasha x

  2. Did you get your food first? Or did they forget and give you fist class? Either way, isn't it cool??

    Love your list of gratefuls and so grateful you linked up so I could visit your sweet blog! Xx

  3. Love your pictures and gratefuls. As an almost mid 30's gal, I think this decade well and truly rocks!

  4. What I wouldn't give to spend some time with my grandparents...I used to absorb all the stories they told :)
    Am pretty jealous of that garden...heaven.

  5. i agree with all the Gran and Tad things! Was lovely to see you xxx

  6. I love these grateful lists. I also adore my grandparents' garden. It's full of treasures and healthy plants, with chairs to sit on and take it all in. Happy birthday to your husband. I just turned that magical age myself this winter.


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