Friday, April 16

Gran's homemade lemonade

When life gives you lemons... you know the gist. One of the main things I associate with my gran is her homemade lemonade. It's actually lemon cordial really but it is SO good. And easy. Here's how:
 You need:
* 1 real big lemon, or 2 smaller ones.
* 250gs caster sugar
* 1 tablespoon citric acid
* 900ml of boiling water

Peel the lemon (in one big fancy spiral if you can!) and put it in your jug. Squeeze out all the lemon juice and add all the pips and mush to the jug as well. Add the citric acid and sugar, then pour in the boiling water and stir it until the sugar is dissolved. Cover the jug and put it in the fridge for 24hrs, before using it as cordial.

Oh and then I started really enjoying finding lemon pictures...

{image 1}
{image 2}
{image 3}
{image 4} But check more of these out here.
{image 5} Buy it!

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