Friday, April 16

Tea time...

Yes, it is true. I participated in a morning tea party. We sat outside, on brightly coloured rugs and cushions. There were roses and lavender bushes around us and we were under a jacaranda tree. And every single one of us wore dresses. 
And then we drank tea. And then we ate: Caramalised onion tart, stuffed curried eggs, brie, gouder, quince paste and blue cheese, cucumber sandwiches (crusts removed), scones with strawberry jam and whipped cream, honey & cinnamon cupcakes, chocolate mousse (out of tea cups) and fairy bread. And then we couldn't move. Yes, I feel your jealousy rays emanating towards me. And fair enough too.


  1. Ah, I remember those day's (pre loin fruit), although for a bit of rock n roll edge we had the teapot full of long island iced tea (horrible stuff, but what a fun day.
    I love that pink cup in the first image, any idea where it's from?

  2. That's a perfect tea time! and I love the tea cup.

  3. Mmmm ive been craving chocolate all day and that chocolate mousse has made me droooool! Those tea cups are amazing as well.

  4. i love that tea cup too! oh wait it's mine! yay!

  5. No need to show off Mia, just because the tea cup is yours and we all want it. I believe, lovely ladies, that the teacup is from some small random shop in Tamworth, NSW. So... not really easy to get a hold of. I'm keeping an eye out though... *s*


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