Saturday, September 17

Things to be thankful for*

* Skype; making missing husband that tiny bit easier.
* Notebooks. Without any technology and no one to talk to, writing things down feels like sweet relief.
* A successful opening night.
* The strong dollar!
* The amazing "hellos" I have done this week.
* The beautiful people who I managed to see and who it breaks my heart to leave all over again. There are some downsides to having two passports.
* The river Liffey, without it I would be completely lost and disorientated in Dublin.
* Though I thought I was going to die on the flight over, I didn't. That though I was sick, it was only little (And fitted in the bag. TMI?). I didn't pass out as expected and that thank God, I had my darling friend Caz there to look after me.
* My grandparents had 5 children who had lots of children too, which led to me having lots and lots of excellent cousins.
* The hugeness of the apartment that I'm staying in! It's like I can pretend I live here! (ps. I rearranged the furniture as soon as I arrived! hehe!)

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  1. Another awesome list. I LOVE the photo and that you placed yourself in it. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

  2. I'm thankful for today.

    good words to live by... think I'm going to go and write them on my mirror to remind myself.

  3. I love that you rearranged the furniture. That's so like me - even if I'm just staying somewhere for a night or two, if the room isn't put together properly for me, I have to fix it!

    Enjoy your travels!! x

  4. Great to meet up this week and I am glad that I you approved of the coffee. Hope the flight back is better and hope you come back some day, with hubbie!


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