Monday, September 19

How to not look like a tourist when you are a tourist...

* Jay walk. Obviously only when it's safe to do so.
* Sure, carry a camera, but don't have it poised and ready to go. If you're not on a safari camp then you're probably taking pictures of buildings. They're not going anywhere fast, so just stop, take off the camera lens and snap casual stylee.
* Avoid taking pictures of people and buildings. Separate the two...
* Look at the map before you leave the accommodation. Find land marks, get orientated. Then just head in the general direction.
* Dress like a normal person.
* Go wide eyed. By which I mean: don't have tunnel vision. Take in everything around you casually. You might be surprised by what you find and you won't look like a doofball. (new word of mine that...)

I know I know. Where would you be without me???

Oh and if in doubt, chuck all this aside and employ your super cute accent to win hearts and minds.

{image of awesomeness}

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