Friday, September 16

Northern hemisphere fashion

 Don't laugh but I'm sending phone pictures of me in dressing rooms to husbando. I really am the worlds most indecisive shopper! So tell me... can I work biker boots? Are dungarees/overall dresses really back? (I dont know if I ever left them behind actually.) Do I, lady of the black, white and grey wardrobe, have the balls to wear some freakin' colour ?!!!

Obviously plastic rain ponchos are not the way forward... however when you are in the London Globe and you bought the cheap tickets and it's raining, they are quite the epitome of fashion. Goodness. Aren't you glad you clicked through for that very errrr... real life picture of me! Ha!

Oh and yes yes, the cultural pics of Dublin will come soon!


  1. I vote a big YES to the overall dress!
    And you are workin' those biker boots, but they are big-ass biker boots- you would probably have to make your pretty bike look tougher to wear them.
    Travel safe, Meg

  2. (by big-ass i mean they are super tall and tough. not that you have a big-ass)

  3. Boots yes, overall dress, ah, no.

    Meg's comment is a crack up!

    And colour in winter is an absolute must! I am so glad it's Spring here because I'm so bored with all the dull 'neutrals' that we seem to feel the need to wear. My wardrobe is predominantly black, but this year I am taking the colour plunge big time. You just feel better!


  4. I like the dress, I think it would be a nice addition to a summer wardrobe with some bright white sand shoes and a vibrant yellow or peachy/orange/tangerine scarf. the boots will be good for next winter, thick tights and woolly jumpers always look good with heavy boots.

    Looks like your having loads of fun :)

  5. While I couldn't wear the overall dress I think you look super cute in it! And i love the pop of blue. You know me, I'm all about pops of color :)

  6. That blue overall dress rocks. Go colour!
    Ronnie xo


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