Tuesday, July 26

 So my new routine is getting on a plane on a Monday evening. Sleeping under the worlds warmest doona, which is good because I'm lacking a husbands body warmth (thanks mum). Teaching myself to exhaustion on Tuesday and catching the overnight train back to Sydney. Overnight trains. Oh man. With a pillow (folded coat), ear plugs (I actually invested in these) and eye mask (scarf wrapped around the head) it's almost bearable and I get about 3 hours sleep. The New Life is good I think. I'm liking seeing my parents more. I'm loving the country air. And I think I like teaching. I can keep control of my class, I even enjoy marking. I was standing writing at a white board and it didnt feel weird. I didn't feel like a fraud. It felt good. Now I'm off to catch the train.



  1. Sophie, that schedule sounds really full on. I'm glad to hear your enjoying the teaching gig :)

  2. wow that is a full schedule for sure .. but it also sounds like it's working for you. glad that you're enjoying teaching! x


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