Friday, June 17

oh hai...

Okay so I hate that spelling of 'hi' but it does seem to articulate the sheepishness with which I want to convey that hello. I'm sorry my lovelies I seem to have gotten a wee bit caught up in turning a year older, quitting my job and preparing to begin another, working somewhere without internet this week, and oh yes - putting on a play!

If you're a Sydneysider please do come see our show Aleksander and the Robot Maid at the Seymour centre.... it's for kids 8 and up and stars my stunning husbando and twinkely lights by me! Actually, if you're not a Sydneysider then you should still come... I just don't expect it as much *beam*
So my office has moved in with my boy's (in our bedroom). I have a camping table, the corners of which cut into my thighs. Our bookshelves have become my pin board and basically my crap is everywhere. But I'm pretty stoked. The last few nights I've been in bed at around 10pm. Normally I still have another hour to go at work at that time. I've been booking little bits of work here and there and already I have been reacquainting myself with my friends. Long lost and neglected friends. Relationships that need the dust blown off, and a warm cup of coffee placed in their hands and a smile shared across a table in real life. Real Life. I've made dinner, and dessert. TWICE.

How are you all?

Ps. All the American and English blogs I read are killing me with their summer activities!

{Photos of my "new" office space, please forgive the 'Keep Calm' poster... but it's about baking and I couldn't help myself. And the Sophie/Pear picture is by a dear friend}

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  1. lovely to hear you sounding like you are catching with everyone :)
    If it makes you feel any better not all the Brits are having wonderful summers... 4th year of medical school started last monday so if I do see the summer it's through the haze of hospital glazing!! xxx


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