Saturday, June 18

Things to be thankful for

* The live animal export ban.
* Birthday love from my boy and housies and family and friends and you'se all too.
* The work that is coming to me since leaving my job.
* Raspberries. The best berry in my opinion.
* The amount of scarves I own. I don't know how I got so many but it makes dressing for this weather a whole lot funner. (yes funner.)
* That I'm getting really good at changing bicycle tyres.
* Falling asleep holding hands with my boy.
* The bananas that are in our freezer. Gold. (Bananas are $16/kilo in Oz at the moment)
* Even when I can't find time to write anything on my blog,  I do find time to read others.
* Living in a place where running out of milk, bread, wine only takes minutes to fix as the shops are so close.
* Scientists. They know so much stuff that I would never know how to find out otherwise!

{Photos of Sydney sunset from a while ago...}


  1. Oh Hai yo fine self! it's been ages since I've popped bye, I've missed so much.
    firstly, happy birthday lady cakes!!!! 26 was one of my favourite birthdays, I hope yours was ace. Secondly, Congrats on the new job and getting some life back, sounds like things are going greats guns with loads to be thankful for.


  2. Raspberries, the ace in the deck of the berry bunch, agreed.

  3. Scarves definitely do make winter "funner." I'm wearing one in bed right now as I type this...
    And yup, bananas = gold!

  4. Estelle: Thanks my dear! Ye sit's been quiet round your parts lately. Lovin the new blog though!
    TLIWIW: Thank you. *high five*
    Pink Ronnie: Stay warm!


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