Saturday, May 7

Things to be thankful for*

* Home made Indian curry supplied by the event we have in. Free food is awesome. Awesome free food is even... awesom-er...
* Being married to the most amazing man in the world for the last four years.
* My attempt at a heart cake worked.
* Things that I thought would be hard this week weren't.
* Two of my most favourite ladies birthdays are tomorrow! I'm so happy I share my life with them.
* The smell of Hyacinths.
* Centennial Park. Gosh it is beautiful.
* Leah Dieterich's thank you notes.
* That there are loads of differents cultures in the world. How fascinating and great are people that are different?!

{ Photos from my phone from the last few weeks. Chocolate pear cake. Local beer. A cine elmo at an antique shop. Ruski helping collect wood. An amazing yellow Sydney door.}

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