Monday, May 9

That cake, that gift...

 Pictures of the heart cake construction are here. I used Betty crocker vanilla cake and made a red velvet cake at home. I also cheated and used Betty Crocker icing. I was doing this after work and on a budget and this ended up being the cheapest and quickest way.
On our anniversary morning I whipped up a breakfast picnic (to be had on our bedroom floor!) and popped a letterpress number four on top of the cake. You should of seen his face (actually and mine) when he cut inside.
I should say that all credit for this awesome cake goes to the amazing (and slightly insane) I am Baker. You should most def check out her creations... I take no responsibility however for your wasted time pouring over her cakes though, or attempts at making them (this took me around 6 hours).

Oh and here is our gift to each other! A memento of our 'hood that we love. It's hanging in our stairwell for now, but we have just the spot in mind for it in our country cottage...


  1. You are the most amazing woman Soph. I love you.

  2. Great job! What a beautiful and special gift!


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