Friday, May 6

Link Love for Friday...

* Amazing marketing for books.
* This ad for VW is really cute and reminds me of my little brother in his star wars phase...
* Genius jewlery - make it what you want.
* Kate Spade making bicycles even better! A truly swoon-tastic video.
* A sweet proposal for literature geeks!
* I've seen a lot of variations on the humble coat hanger, this has gotta be my favourite!
* Americans call them Cootie Catchers... I'd call it a paper fortune teller. Whatever you wanna call that foldy paper thing that you chant numbers too, this blog has one for every occasion!
* A map of America from a Californians perspective.. this is funny even if you're not American.
* An awesome list of things you can do with a glass jar...
* An amazing record player made of paper!
More cool stuff from around the internet....

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  1. I've seen those photos done a million times and I never tire of them, they are so amazing!!


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