Thursday, May 19


This week is how things used to be a lot. I've got a lot of time to be on the computer in a dark room with not much to do. Except I have plenty to do because... you know... the whole internet exists. Anyway have you heard of this website called floorplanner? You can join it for free but you can only do one room at a time on a free account, which is what I'm fiddeling around with.
So I've been thinking about the downstairs room in my parents house. It's big and kinda a mini gym slash games room at the moment. The thing is, its got hideous carpet, plain besser bricks and a wood panel ceiling. But it does have a wall of 3 sliding glass doors and it's huge (10M x 4M) A big blank slate right? So I've made it my mission to make this space shit hot, without spending much money (well look its not my money or my room so its all hypothetical but fun)...
What I need to know is... Have you ever painted besser brick? Do you think public toilets when you think painted besser brick? Do you think the grey besser brick can look nice with the right surroundings or do you reckon paint the crap out of it????
It's hard to find any pictures and I have a lot of pictures of interiors... So far Im thinking rip up carpet of grossness and paint the concrete/put down fake wood floor/put down nice new not gross carpet. Def paint wooden ceiling white (its a low room, so we need as much height as possible) and I had been thinking paint the walls an awesome petrol blue, to make a real den party vibe.... but now im thinking paint floor black, paint everything else white... but then white = pool cue marks on the wall... plus possibly looking like a public toilet... Who's painted besser brick here?
Hands up. Shout out! Help me out!


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