Saturday, May 21

Things to be thankful for*

* That I don't have a hangover right now, though I probably deserve one.*red wine*
* Getting to go out on a Friday night with my boy, for the first time in forever.
* Having my book signed by my favourite author backstage at work.
* Earl Grey Tea. I love you above all others.
* The feel of the soft fluffy fabric you get inside a new sweater/jumper/hoodie.
* Three weeks left at my job....
* Email chats with my mum.
* Discovering some new blogs to swoon over.
* The smell of back burning in the sydney air right now.
* The way the wind on my face is when I'm riding a bicycle at night.
{1 &2 = mine. 3 = here}
Get on board, write a thankful list, there's heaps more of them over at Maxabella Loves. *s*


  1. Welcome *S*, so lovely to see you!

    I love dodging a hang over. Other times you get one and you think 'not fair!' Ah, if only we knew which one it was gonna be in advance!

    Great pics. Thanks for linking today. I'd really appreciate a link back to the blog hop so others can check out all the blogs... :) x

  2. Oh I'm with you all the way with Earl Grey tea. Love the no stopping (Love) pic.

  3. Go Earl Grey go!! Good work on getting your book signed, at the fest I presume? I looked out for you but it was pretty damn hectic down at the piers!!


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