Wednesday, May 18

bread and butter...

It's cold and I'm all about bringing out the big guns when it comes to winter cooking. My boy had a bread and butter pudding craving. I couldn't help but agree it was a good idea. So I whipped one up from the back of my head and the back of the fridge.

You need:
* 12 slices of grain bread with the crusts cut off (give them to the worms/ducks)
* margarine/butter
* 1 pear sliced in 6 thin pieces
* 2 eggs, whisked
* 300ml buttermilk
* 1 cup castor sugar
* cinnamon
* mixed spice
* sultanas

Heat your oven to 200. I greased my dish, which just so happened to perfectly fit 6 slices of bread on the bottom of it.
Spread one side of each slice of bread with marg or butter. Lay one layer of bread on the bottom of your dish. put one thin slice of pear on top of each piece of bread and sprinkle a few raisins/sultanas on there.
Then put a slice of bread on top of each. I used some little extra bits to plug up a few gaps and holes.
Sprinkle with more sultanas. In a bowl whisk together your 2 eggs, buttermilk and castor sugar plus spices. When they're really thouroughly combined pour this over the bread, making sure it all gets soggy.
Pop it in the oven for about 25mins, when its golden brown and not wet to touch.
I highly recomend serving with custard...
yum. town.

{excuse the crap phone picture... I had to snap a quick one before it was all gone!}

Oh yeah, I'll tell you about the vego pie as well... but later.


  1. From the back of your head?!?!?! That's Awesome! I'm hopeless with anything sweet without a recipe!



  2. mmmm! one of my favorite things! <3

  3. Still one of my favourite puddings - ever.


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