Friday, April 15

Ride Sydney

The Ride Sydney Experiment - Prelude from MC Cyclery on Vimeo.

So it's clearly a big fat premotion but MC Cylery and Giant are making some pretty cool videos and if it's all about encouraging people to cycle then it's a thumbs up from me.

*rant up ahead*

See what I don't understand is the reasons the naysayers are naysayers. If everyone who rode a bike was in their own car instead would the roads be better, faster safer? Clearly they would be even more congested than they already are. People yell, "get off the road" but then oppose a bike path? If I'm on a bike path then I'm gonna be out of the way as they speed (hahahahahaha yeah right) through the city. Alan Jones says they (read: Clover Moore) are carving up Hyde park for the cycle way... which is clearly not true, and that nobody uses it. I expect he visited it when it was raining and 11am on a Monday morning... not really a time when people are travelling around much. Annnnd I'm done.
*rant over*

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