Saturday, April 16

Things to be thankful for*

* Sneaky chocolate treats stuck in my bag by my love.
* The warm fluffy doona we just changed the bed over to. Snuggletastic.
* My housemates supreme omlettes.
* Umbrellas.
* That you can learn to do pretty much anything from instructions on the internet. (I learnt how to smock yesterday)
* Daily crosswords in the newspaper.
* Bumping into friends does happen, even in Sydney.
* I'm on an 8 week count down at my job. Yep I just resigned.
* The short weeks up ahead, thanks Easter!
* That my housemate has a car and let's us use it at short notice. - Thanks Chris! 

{excuse the crappy phone pictures, but that is a delicious bowl of porridge complete with almonds and fig and the second is umbrellas adorning the fairy lights of our favourite watering hole.}


  1. Oh such loveliness, as ever. Though I would have to say that your '8 week job count down' is surely the best of all!! How exciting!! :D

  2. 1. Skype. You know why.
    2. Betty, my new bicycle!
    3. The show I did in MK that paid for Betty
    4. Springtime air and clear blue skies - makes the world a better place
    5. Learning new skills
    6. Another week of holiday!


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