Friday, April 15

Bicycle Bits (link love)

La Pomme bicycle bag. Wheel Clock. Bicycle calander. Bicycle Lamp. Sweet bicycle poster. Genius (but possibly not very secure?) bicycle lock. Bicycle wall decal, this would be great in a hallway. Speaking of hallways, bicycle key hook. Love this vintage style bicycle poster. Awesome trouser clips, that I'm sorry to say I don't have a link for. Bowery Lane Bicycles crate. I heart my bike bell. Nutcase helmets. Finally, a headbadge, these are custom made and I really really want one for my bicycle!

 PS. More of me talking about cycling...


  1. I love the wheel clock! Perhaps that's a creative space to come if you can't get the rust off your red bike wheels?

  2. Wow - that bicycle bag is beautiful ... the colour is to die for! :)


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