Monday, February 7

The weekend...

Sightings upon cycling home from work on a Saturday night at 2.30am:
* Drunk young men vomiting x 2
* Hen party in pink x 1
* Requests for direction to Macdonalds x 1
* High fives received (not easy on a bike) for handing out above information x 1
* Party bus x 1
* Cats x 5
* Cockroaches - too many to fathom.
& the temperature, 30degrees, at 2.30am. Eurgh.

My Sunday was very lovely though:
* Skype date to England x 1
* Breakfast date with friends x 1
* Visit from my brother x 1
* Interstate guest x 1
* Tacos eaten x 4
* Amazing banana butterscotch puddings made x 6*.

* Recipe to come...

ps. Work is kicking my butt at the moment. SO much so that this post doesnt even get pictures. *Le sigh*


  1. whoawhoa, love the new header!

  2. how crazy was saturday? i had the worst night's sleep because it was so hot and if i left the window open, the mosquitos came, i couldn't win!

    i'm pretty sure there are more cockroaches in sydney then before. seriously, where do they come from? i nearly gagged when i was walking home when i saw this group of them on bourke st. gross!

    new header looks awesome btw :)


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