Tuesday, February 1

Camera love

Check out this great US shop photojojo! There are so many geektastic photography things. This is what I have my eye on:
* A Bokeh kit. All the pretty night lights!
* A camera strap buddy so my camera sits comfortably on me.
* A spy lens, so you can point straight forward but get a picture from off to the side!
* A bottle cap tripod... though I'm not convinced it will hold out DSLR... it's still a cool cencept!
Then there's all the cute cameras themselves! *swoon*

PS. Thanks for all your lovely comments about our new home! We are ridiculously excited!!  

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  1. Oh yes, I've spent many an hour on photojojo ... so many lovely things. I'd love to get a bokeh kit too - and that spy lens looks so interesting ... so many toys, so little time (and money). ;)


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