Tuesday, February 22


It feels vain to say it but sometimes I wish I had time to groom. I mean things like, get my hair cut - it hasn't been cut in a year since the big chop. Shave my legs or *shhh* get a bikini wax. I've even discovered the perks of a manicure - the nail lady can cut my nails far neater than I can, which means I don't bite them because they're not all jaggedy and crap. I guess I could just wake up earlier... but sleep - that's a beauty treatment in itself right? While I work the hours I do - I'll stick to drinking water and wearing sunscreen for the 20mins of daylight I enjoy on the cycle in to work.. and these pretty things can do the hard work for me...
(Who am I kidding that whole spiel was just a ploy to post some pretty pictures to my blog - haha!)

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  1. A very subtle ploy, i would never have guessed :P Glad you posted the pretty pictures though!

    Re grooming...i'm getting my eyebrows waxed next monday....for the first time in my life .....!

  2. I'm SO with you on this wavelength ... as the saying goes, I barely feel like I have time to 'scratch myself', let alone get my personal grooming 'up to scratch'

    ... I'm really hoping to squeeze a haircut in sometime within the next week or so ... though I've probably been saying that for a few weeks now! ;)

    ... and let's not even mention the bikini wax situation! ;)


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