Friday, December 3

Link love for Friday...

Just a few this week, I'm almost all listed out!
* Companies not to give your money to this Christmas, or ever...
* The new vegetarian is getting everyone excited....
* Wicked good bicycle graff art!
* Great piece of writing about what we love about theatre.
* Interesting article about why being a hard worker isn't where it's at.
* Into chairs? Iconic chairs through the ages.
* Books to read...
* Camera birds! Spooky...


  1. Ah, you've reminded me of one of my favourite things to do over christmas - curling up with a bunch of good books, can't wait! x

  2. man i hate that sort of clothing (re: companies not to buy from), esp the stuff from Surpre which is aimed at young girls.

    thanks for the link on book recommendations, i need some new reading material!


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