Friday, December 3

With a cherry on top.

Ooop for a little something nice I've been awarded this sweet 'cherry on top award' by the cool chic chick that is Estelle from Curbside Style. Here it is: TaDaaaaaaaaa!!!!
So the rules are I need to list three things I like... and list 4 other cherry poppin worthy bloggers. It's all really chain mail for grown ups right? I can handle that. I like:

1) Baby animals. I try to be such a toughy but these little suckers get my heart apounding every. single. time. Just you try and resist this onslaught {proper links via}...
I bet you are melting just a little bit right now. I bet you are.

2) Akward family photos. Minutes nay HOURS of fun.

3) Lightbulbs. So awesome. (Well to put it in perspective I am a lighting designer)
{For Sources and more of my light obssession}
I would like to tag the following lovelies:
* Little Paper Tree's for commenting lots and writing about nice things.
* Love Katyha, for taking the prettiest pictures.
* Yikes Machine, for being super cool.
* Tiny Little Glows, coz she always makes me laugh.

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  1. Oh...I've just noticed this now, I'm sorry I don't know why it didn't appear in my reading list. I will do this soon


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