Friday, December 31

Happy New Year

My dears... my final address for 2010!
Have a wonderful safe New Year. I myself try to keep it low key. I'm not a fan of crowds, drunk people or hangovers at work (In between feeling sorry for myself about my 10am January the 1st start, I'm reminding myself of the public holiday pay). I'm so thankful to have had you reading and especially commenting along, not to mention discovering many wonderous blogs. I have a feeling 2011 will be a goody..
We are planning on having a couple sweet friends over to build a fort out of sheets, sticks and the clothes line, in our tiny city back garden, eat some yummy foods and sip on an ice cold g&t. We may even drag the tv outside and watch the fire works (while we hear them in real life) and possibly muppets treasure island from out there.. because really, why be grown up when you can have fun instead?! Any other homebodies out there, or is everyone getting there party on?

Images are of some of my favourite party dresses from Pintrest this year, all original sources linked to here... I'm not really a glitter and sequinns girl...

On a boring aside, the next few weeks are going to be redonkulously busy for me, what with the Sydney festival in our theatre, me still being the boss and well, maybe some exciting news, so it may be a quieter than usual start!


  1. I'm a homebody on new years too ... there are way too many idiots out and about to make the experience enjoyable ... I think it's much better to get silly in the comfort of your own home.

    Happy New Year! :)

  2. Exploring your wonderful space, I was delighted to find this treasure.

    Amongt my favourite parts:
    1. The fact that you use the word 'goody' the same way that I do
    2. That you celebrated the NY in such a fun way
    3. The absolutely gorgeous blue dress + cardy - sigh
    4. The terrific word redonkulously
    5. That you've made me want to read more of your blog

    xx Felicity


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