Monday, November 29

Why I oughta....

*radio crackle* Houston...*crrrk* we have a problem. *crkkk* No sir it's much worse... the problem has a tail. *cerrrck*
Rat grossness aside this does go towards helping my dream cause that everything in the pantry should be kept in glass jars, mostly because I love decanting things, but also because then I wouldn't be greeted by flour carnage when I meerily went to make morning cupcakes. Instead I would be greeted by something exactly like Jamie Oliver's blissful cupboard:
 And maybe we need a cat. Everyone loves the Cure right?


  1. Our cat Spider left a disemboweled rat on the front doorstep the other day. Try explaining that to a three year old.

    Lots of Mason Jars are in order. You should start pinning mason goodness immediately!

  2. Yep, jars are the way forward. No rats here, just mice. I've been collecting jars from the oppies now for a while & I'm proud to say my pantry is 75% converted.
    Good luck with rattus.


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