Wednesday, December 1

Dear Santa...

Christmas is awesome because giving is amazing, but I do love a good list and I do love pretty things so I thought I'd let you know, just in case you're interested, what I have a little craving for this yuletide... (don't worry they'll get more reasonable as the list goes on)
* Black diamonds! {A$ALOT}
 * A new bicycle of beautiousness {Creme bicycles are Danish and sold in some stores at varying prices throughout Australia}
* A Fink jug in turquoise or black or silver pretty please!{A$300ish}
* This leather satchel. {US$230}

 * This linen bedding. {US$hundreds} And isn't that bed head fabulouso?!
* Actually scrap the linen bedding I really really would like this bedding. The grey spotted flat sheet and a yellow & grey velvet pillowcase and a grey & yellow spot pillowcase. {A$45 for a pillow case..} I'm open to collecting this slowly...
 * A string of happy lights. {US$168}
* These bone china bottles. {A$90}
* A beautiful poster. {US$68}
* A cute little bow ring. {US$58}
* A practical stripey backpack. {US$48}
* This black and gold bowl.{US$25}
 * This kitchen conversions poster... {US$24}
* These measuring spoons....{US$44}
* An O clock watch. {US$36}
* This gorgeous print. {US$30}
 * A good (looking in this case) read. Or a penguin classic like: Cold Comfort Farm, Perfume, Love in a cold climate OR any David Mitchell books...
 * A cheery poster{35 pounds}

* A cute little mug. {US$20}
 * Lovely beeswax candles. {8pounds/pair}


  1. i would like a few of those things under the tree as well.
    i was coveting a ring very similar to that one, i think black diamonds are gorgeous and i like that they're not traditional.

    happy hump day!

  2. Great picks ! I love them all (and these beddings are gorgeous)
    Just found your blog via potty mouth mama, i'm glad I did :) xx


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