Sunday, November 7

Strangest Dream

Last night, well this morning really, I had the strangest dream and what is stranger still is that I remember it! I hardly ever remember dreams. There where rapids with clown fish swimming in them. And my mum driving her car to pick us up from our "water safari". There was a spa resort with bubble baths and a view of Sydney harbour. There was a sunset that involved the sun and the moon being in a line on the horizon, and then we followed it as it moved side ways across the sky and I took pictures of it. There where people swimming under the harbour bridge and huge cartoon like boat machines. Then there was a helicopter. Tim and I both got in and I "drove" except you had to put a coin in to make it go. I flew it... on two dollars, I wasn't very good, but I did fly it, then Tim said "It's 9.30 Soph we should probably think about getting up".
I've also had this song in my head all day.
Hope yours was lovely.

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  1. Cheese dreams!!! I once had a dream that my ex boyfriend was a demon that had to be contained in the pantry cupboard of my dream house- but someone left the key in the door and he got out and we had to bar all the doors and windows with potato sacks (full of potatoes) and light this metal teapot/oil lamp and find that dratted book of magic that kept disappearing before he came back. then i woke up. i broke up with him soon after.

    anyway, I'd never seen a postal service video clip so you popped the p.s.v cherry! :D

    xo sank


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