Thursday, November 25

Lady fingers...

See those nails? Those are mine! Neat, of equal length, a modest pale pink in colour, no scunge under them. This dear friends, is HIGHLY unusual. In fact it's completely revolutionary and new. My first manicure. I know, I'm 25 and it's my first manicure. Whatever. See, hand care really isn't a part of my job description nore my upbringing. Hands are for getting dirty, and nails, they are for biting when I'm nervous. What else did they get put there for? I've been a nail biter all my life, but this manicure thingy... well income alowing... this could change all that. I havn't biten them in hmm... 2 weeks?!
All this said I smudged one as I walked out of the shop and then I decided my next activity would be gardening - gloveless of course - coz gloves are restrictive. Mostly it's just nice to have nails of equal length and the bonus hand massage that was thrown in wasn't bad either. 
What about you do most folks out there get manicures or is it a treat thing?


  1. I've NEVER had a manicure cause I am a little like you, I love getting into my garden and I usually do without gloves and I get my nails full of dirt. I just can't seem to work with gloves

  2. Lovely nails! I've had the (occasional) pedicure, it is a nice treat-ish thing to do, especially if there's trashy mags to be read at the same time!

  3. at rapidly approaching 26 (eek) I have NEVER had a manicure. I do like to have my nails short and unobtrusive so I can do fun things like getting them all mucky and avoiding scratching small people!! (and big people too, netballers aren't too impressed by scratching, it's frowned on)

  4. I can't live without my mani-pedi
    Its my one little treat every 3-4 weeks. A little quiet time and getting high on acetone fumes keeps me sane.


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