Thursday, November 25

My creative space...

 So I have a rule. That rule is no thinking about christmas, christmas decorations or christmasy stuff until December the 1st. But... rules are made to be broken right? Plus I got bored and maybe a tiny bit excited and decided we need a wreath this year. The wreath will be made from a wire coat hanger and recycled lighting plans. And the scissors blister on my little finger is toughening up nicely! Also, this is more Tim's creation than mine but look at our little baby pumpkino!
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  1. That pumpkin is so cute you wont be able to eat it...
    Interested to see your wreath, it looks rather fiddly.

    BTW can you email me your address again (oops) I'm just getting some pay it fwd goodies together :)

  2. Interested to see how your wreath turns out, I like the look of it so far and that little pumpkin is too cute!

  3. Yes I would break the rule too. I am even thinking of putting up the Xmas tree because I dont think that I could wait another week to get the tree up! Your wreath looks really interesting.


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