Friday, October 29

Holiday Snaps

Brisbane, Babies and Botanic gardens! Our holiday has been lovely and we are LOVING our new camera.
Thanks for excusing my absence my sweets, I have missed reading your blogs, but my eyes have enjoyed computer free time a lot! Things may continue to be sketchy around here for a bit as things are spinning into crazy mode.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at those adorable little ones. Beautiful pictures - the camera is awesome! Glad to hear you had a lovely time xx

  2. I have camera envy.....sigh

    Glad you're enjoying yourself. Don't worry about us kids, we can look after ourselves and we promise not to throw any wild parties while you're away.

  3. looks like you're putting the camera to great use- nice pics!

    enjoy your time away form the computer!

  4. The bubbas where SUPER cuties. Oh man, we are loving the camera so much, thanks for not having wild parties, I dont wanna miss anything exciting! *s*

  5. Hi!

    Am new to your blog and I just love your photos and your 'Things to be thankful for.' It's inspired me to do something similar myself...

    Thanks for these gorgeous snaps.

    Ronnie xo


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