Tuesday, October 26

True story...

 Do me a favour and go read this okay. I'm completely touched and honoured for the mention but mostly completely in awe of the... what is it..  a lack of cynicism  that can so often permeate our culture. Shilo writes the blog Yikes Machine which I think I found via Pintrest. Anyways she's a cool chick and I love her writing style. I'm hopeful that my weekly thankful list will outlast this blog even and I really encourage you to try it yourself. Shine on. *s*

{image is Shilo's}


  1. Ooh, looks like your Mumma to a meme kiddo :)
    Such a fantastic story, I bet you feel like high fiving someone right now.
    Hope this make you feel a little better and you have fun at movie world or one of those other worlds wherever you are .

  2. i just shed a few tears reading her post. i guess people can surprise you and this post made me feel a bit better about world and those around us. we all have so much to be thankful for - keep up your wonderful lists, they are doing a world of good! x

  3. WOW! that is such a beautiful story!!!! how cool to see how one person's attitude of thankfulness can have such a wonderful domino effect! i just love it!

  4. That is so amazing, I just popped over and read her story. Seriously awesome. Your things to be thankful is a truly fantastic idea xx

  5. i just loved her post. it was so well written and it just summed up everything beautifully. and how cool that you inspired all of that.


  6. That's amazing Soph! Makes me very happy indeed! :) x

  7. Wow, what an incredible story! So wonderful to be reminded about how good things can have such amazing repercussions! Your thankful lists are a shining light indeed! x

  8. I just posted this on Shilo's blog where I found you :)

    Dearest Shilo and Sophie,

    My smile is beaming from a full heart. I have stumbled across similar peeps that are reveling in gratitude just like me.

    For the past 14 months each day I have taken a photo with my mobile phone or stolen a wonderful internet picture and written words that describe how/why I am a Grateful Gal.

    I started this to survive a very grey time in my life. I realised I was sitting at a cross roads, you know that vital junction where I had to makes a decision not to become angry and bitter but to fight to stay good hearted and joyful regardless of my challenging trials.

    In a waiting room I picked up a Notebook magazine with an article on a artist who took spontaneously captured pics with Polaroids and wrote her thoughts as to why she was grateful.

    I realised in that moment there was much more to life in many moments of each day and one if not many I was really lucky nay grateful to have.

    I was inspired by the balls of that artist to share her deep thoughts and realised if she hadn't I wouldn't have been touched.

    I promised myself that if I did a Grateful Diary that I must grow some balls and be public too so I may give the chance to others to be inspired by me even though I may never know it.

    I personally needed to highlight my gratitude so I might divert my focus from the negativity that could consume me.

    I recognised to preserve the good natured human I was that I must find a silver lining each day in any small way.

    I saw that by being grateful for the big small and all things it would be my road out and away from any soul destroying challenge even if I had to go through it.

    Ok now I'm rambling.

    What I am saying is YES truly showing your gratitude and thankfulness in many ways on as many days is so powerful.

    And today you both have re-inspired me.

    There are some days I think "Oy Vey! Why on earth am I keeping up with this? Nobody really wants to know what I have to say do they ?" And then something random like this happens.

    I had a lovely girl I rarely hear from on my Grateful Diary put your post that she found because she thought it was "right up my alley".

    Zoom Zoom, yes it is.

    And I can't wait to hear from you.
    Share your blog about your "little book story"
    And glow in the "shining little light" to enjoy your thankfulness.

    One and all, Do come by my way as I invite you to my facebook page but mostly...

    Go Play! and do it for yourself and enjoy the bliss of finding all the little things that you are grateful for every day.

    Cheerfully and with lots of over bubbling joy.

    Tarnia aka Grateful Gal.



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