Friday, October 1

Link love for Friday...

 My dears, it pains me to say it, but I pretty much havn't been on the internet this week. What with removing a large house and all its various lighting paraphernalia from the theatre and replacing it with a completely different lighting rig which has decided to be, unsuprisingly, uncooperative, (the lights are always uncooperative when the boss is away and I'm left in charge) there hasn't been much time for surfing. So with that I present you with these few links. Though diminutive in number they are massive in cool content... yup.
* Faux taxidermy on Etsy!
* Sustainable design shops in Sydney...
* A disused Sydney Tabernacle is being turned into a new indie theatre space.
* Check out all the pictures I collect on the internet...

Also. I am going away for the long weekend - incredibly I have wrangled 3 days off in a row. We are trotting off at sparrows fart tomorrow morning to my home town for a rousing family gathering. So, I will continue to not be very present. If you too are an Aussie have a fantabulous long weekend!

{Mine. The cherry blossoms are glorious!}


  1. No long weekend here in Victoria :( Boo! But I hope you enjoy yours! Adore long weekends.

    Great photo! It's been so good, seeing all the trees come into blossom.

  2. Have an awesome time lovely! Hope the week hasn't been too manic - you deserve the three days off i'm sure! xx


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