Tuesday, October 5

And the winner is...

 * Galit
* Sarah
* Rebekah
* Georgia
* Carlynne

Thanks to all you lovelies for commenting - sorry anon you didn't go in the draw because I don't know who you are!  If you 5 lucky ducks send me an email - see the address over on the side bar there - with your postal address I will send you some snail mail love!


  1. Whoohoooooo!!!
    I have to tell you, I'm having such a busy stressed week and your message put a huge smile on my face today. Thank you!!! Galit xx

  2. What a lovely surprise, thank you!! G x

  3. Yay! That is me Rebekah right Soph! Thanks a bunch :D
    Shall I wait till I see you in OZ to save you posting to this side of the world?! Only 2 and a tiny bit months to go :D xx


Thanks, I love receiving comments! *s*