Wednesday, September 1

Supper time

 I made this eggplant salad for an evening supper I attended (because one does 'attend' rather than simply  'go to' a supper). It was inspired by the amazing Smitten Kitchen, but rather than put the eggplant salad on bread I found vou le vent cases as I was wandering down the supermarket aisle and thought they would work a treat. I also improvised the ingrediants somewhat as, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what a scallion is (some kind of onion?!) and I much prefer Danish fetta compared to the much more crumbly (and I think dry) Greek and Australian Fetta's. I also added fresh herbs to liven up the flavour a bit. With this kind of thing measurements are pretty much useless, just use however much you need in the quantity that tastes right to you.

You need:
* one large eggplant
* one red onion (or hey a scallion if you've got 'em)
* 1 packet (I think 150gs?) of fetta
* Fresh corrinader and mint
* red wine vinigar & lemon juice
* olive oil
* Salt & Pepper

Cube your eggplant intop small ermmm... cubes. Like 1-2cms small. Put these in a bowl and drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil over and a big pinch of salt. Mix these all together with your hands and then evenly spread the eggplant on a baking tray and bake in a 200 degree oven for 20mins.
Chop your onion and fetta  into small chunks. Once your eggplant is done and cooled off a bit mix all the ingrediants in a bowl together. Tearing up your fresh herbs, and adding vinigar, salt and pepper to taste as well as a little lemon juice and more oil if you think it needs it. I ate a whole heap of it by itself, but if you're serving this up, heap the salad into slightly warmed vou le vent cases or onto lightly toasted bread. (no pictures as supper was lit by fairy light!)
As for the rest of supper, we ate. A lot. Chocolate freckles, cupcakes, cheese, rocky road, port to drink and talked and *sighed* over one of our guests wedding dress pictures. Then.... we ran around the backyard with SPARKLERS!

Tea time right here...


  1. YUM! i love suppers and sparklers!

  2. I love that, while your bloggy friends get to feast their eyes on your fancy salad, I was lucky enough to TASTE it!


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