Tuesday, August 31

Dreamy houses.

Aww man, my heart is all gooey from looking at these two houses. Go on, have a perve.

Our first delicious place is via Apartment Therapy and is a "condo" (as they say in the USofA) belonging to poet Jessica and designer Eli. You know it's gonna be good with owners like that right?!
They have used the most lovely shade of grey, I am smitten with their green sofa, love their black doors, and am envious of their ability to not fill a place with clutter.
The Second home belongs to Australian Lyn Gardner found via Design Sponge. Some words for you:
Claw foot bath. Library room. Garden bedroom. Old stuff*. Know what I'm sayin? Uhuh.
Niceness and prettyness abounds. And a girl has got to day dream right....

* I am currently boycotting the word vintage - overuse is killing it for me!


  1. claw foot bathtub - need you say more? x

  2. Ooooh, so beautiful. I'm loving that green couch and the huge bookshelves and all the clean lines! So awesome.

  3. I love the pendant lights in the living room. I am trying to work out how to do exactly that in my place!

  4. I want a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. Now. xx


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