Friday, June 4

Lovely lady

My lovely housemate and dear friend Bek took these. Isn't she awesome? She's even more awesome today because it is her birthday! Happy Birthday precious girl. She has also, awesomely, just started writing a blog. She is a beautiful writer... if you fancy a magical, beautiful read of whimsy and mystery, heart ache and warmth then have a read of Under the Lighthouse Dancing
Here are some excellent things about Bek:
* She gives superb hugs.
* She always always asks how your day is and really listens.
* She has one of the loudest and most infectious laughs of anyone I know.
* She smells nice and so does her bedroom.
* She collects feathers and playing cards - but I also think that they collect her. She finds them everywhere!
* She has an AMAZING singing voice and writes beautiful music.. you can listen to it here.
* She makes me cups of tea all the time.
* She loves nature and outside. I admire her philosophy.
* She is very pretty.
* She never says bad things about people - she is loving and forgiving.

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  1. Most beautiful girl. I love you so very muchly. You make my life sparkle. xxx


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