Thursday, May 6

Wedding: Party!

Back at the "ranch" we mingled then had amazing speeches from our Dads and my uncle from the UK and then us. Pumpkin soup in cups and plates of paella  as well as nibbles galore where brought around for people to eat. We cut our cake, made by Tims mum (detail photos are tomorrow!) and danced our first dance. We choose Naked as we came by Iron & Wine, then Postcards from Italy by Beirut next, to get everyone dancing then just heaps of fun dancing music. The Beirut song was sort of my anthem the whole time we were planning the wedding and the Iron & Wine song is kinda our song. You know how couples have those...?
Another favourite moment was an unplanned dance to John Farnham - You're the voice that Tim did. His inner actor came out and he just took over the floor being Johnny! Then he got me to join in and it was all quite ridiculous, funny and amazing. The crowd did cheer.
Later on we lit the bonfire and it was beautiful. We left at about 12am, but people carried on well into the morning. I am told that my uni mates may have carried on into Wagga town and caused some havoc... what happens in Wagga stays in Wagga!

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