Wednesday, May 12

Around the interwebs: Samantha Robinson Porcelain

Samantha Robinson is a Sydney based porcelain maker... (well she's not a cereamicist if she makes porcelain right? Eep - I don't know!) I want her shop to move into my house. It is all so beautiful. I especially love the watermelon and rock melon bowls... and allllllll the cups, ever *husband take note* . She has a stall at the Paddington markets every Saturday and Bondi markets every Sunday... Tempting, no?

Images via the Samantha Robinson website.
Found {via} automatism.
*Around the interwebs* is a series of nice things to be spied around the net. I stumble upon all sorts of magical marvelous things in my travels and this is a great way to remember them all. More found here.


  1. Wow. I think I need some of this porcelain. Very pretty!

  2. Oh! Those porcelain paper-looking cups are amazing!

  3. Love these - the watermelons are my favourite too.
    I've also adjusted the blog roll - now you're all set :)


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