Thursday, May 13


All the cool kids have them. {Via} (God I want that dress sooooo badly...)
They should certainly come in yellow and blue...
And most definitely have baskets... {via} {from}

And be made into cushions and dresses and skirts and bags... {here}
Obviously safety comes first: {Nutcase} baby blue for me I think...

Details are important, so for a decorative chain ring & to hear from cool cycling chicks, check out candy cranks.


  1. soph! there is a new bike shop in our laneway which you guys should see! it is BEEEEYOOTIFUL and run by some very cool japanese people. it's called Tokyo Bikes i think... you will drool to see their wares. xx

  2. We spied it the other day! It looks Mayonaising! Cant wait to go in and have a proper perve! *s*


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