Tuesday, May 11

Wish list.

So my Birthday is in a little under a month. Just because I know you are ALL fretting about what to get me, I thought I'd help you out with a little eye candy... Delicious: I know.

These from Bake it Pretty.

An antique globe... {via}

A new dress. This is from {here}

Flowers for the garden. {via}

A pretty black headband. {via}

Jelly Beans. I love jelly beans. {via}

A subscription to Frankie.

A flying car. Fuel efficiant and environmentally friendly of course. {via}

A cookbook, these are the best of 2009 apparently... {via}

A cocktail, or 3... Eatmakeread publishes a cocktail every Friday. God bless her.

A puppy. *swoon*

A puppy ON an Eames chair!!!!!!! GAH! {via}

A cracking good book. Or a baby. But mostly a book :) {via}

Fairy bread for lunch.

One of these jugs.

A romantic dinner with my lover. {via}

All of the above should do quite nicely. Roll on MID twenties!

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